Kamis, 23 Juni 2011


That moment when you walk alone and suddenly seeing your crush

Surprisingly he greet you, you replied, then you smile at him, so does him. You also having such a simple conversation with him but it feel more than an unremarkable moment. All day long you'll be like

But he also doing the same thing to another girl and even more, inside you'll feel like

Time goes by, you don't even meet him for a long time, no greeting, no smiling, no conversation, and the truth is your crush having a feeling of another girl. No doubt, you're face will look like

And there's no happy ending on your love story.

Damn damn damn that's so me hahaha. Know what? the girl in the photo is me. So fakin what and who bloody cares @#$%^&**(*&^%$asdfghjkl

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