Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

I can't hold it anymore, i am going to explode!

TOP-LESS :O AAAAAAAAAA Why are you so bloody hot tom? Wait till my father hear about this :)) First of all, sorry Tom for involve you in my silly filthy blog hahaha. Well i am honestly going to sign out from but then when i saw those hot sexy pictures i can't hold it anymore to post it on my blog aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Tom Felton, is it possible a 16 years old liking a man age 23years? -_- SKIP And why are you so far away in London :'( London oh London. Come here and visit me in Banjarmasin (bloody hell where is this place actually exist, he said hahahaha) Once you come here, i'll treat you to eat some pentol and soto banjar! That's delicious, much delicious then cheesy-cheesy meals in your country. AND i can make sure you can also make your white skin becoming hot like sun once you visit me here!
Well, i lived at pegadaian street no 1 Tom! Hmmmm it takes 20-30 minutes from the airport :-)
------------------------------------------------SKIP SKIP SKIP What the hell am i writing of? it's mess up hahahaha. I LOVE YOU TOM FELTON!!!!! Oh once more... I am looking forward too see you in another movie Tom! I miss you, indeed. LOL

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