Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

How to improve your english

AHAHAHA kaya yang udah bener aja english aku. It's ok, practice makes better, isn't it?
Well if there are some easy way to improve english, i'll extremely suggest you to:

1. Be often in listening some english songs, close your eyes then trying to get the lyric. If you just give up in finding the lyric by only listening you can search for the lyric then memories it and sing it often :D But you should note, that sometimes some lyric aren't really grammatical hehehe.

2. Watch movie, (with english conversation ofc) then change the subtittles into english. Not only you can studied how to make convrstion in eng, you also can have some listening training You will also know how to pronounce the word well. And sometimes you will also get some new slang words and even some rude words ahahaha. If you find any difficulties in understanding the movie, make sure that you watch the movie with your dictionary, so you can ask for the meaning. I believe by watching movie, english will be fun for being studied! ;)

3. Trying to write anything in english. And don't be lazy to read anything written in english.


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