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Percy Jackson

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Just finished reading all series of Percy Jackson. I know it sounds so late, but but but i feel lucky i just ever read all the series Better be late than never Thanks to Sabilal, Temi and Kalista for the books, without you guys i won't be so addicted to those books and won't even know the awesomeness of Percy AaAaAa. Well.... Maybe some of you already knew about the synopsis, Its about Percy Jackson (Logan Lorman <3<3<3<3) who is a demigod.

His father is Poseidon, yes God of the sea or Neptune. If Harry Potter has Hogwarts, Percy and the other Demigod have camp of half-blood with Dionysus as you know guys just like dumbledore in Hogwarts. In camp of half blood they also have Chiron a centaur as their teacher in skill also teaching them for the battle. So many prediction given by oracle to Percy. One of them told about one son of the 3biggest Gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades) will have the responsibility to take over the world when he/she turns into sixteen and he/she might die soon. At the last, the story will be brought into the super-big battle between Olympus and Kronos. Kronos is Zeus, poseidon and hades's father. Once in a story, Kronos ate all of his sons. But fortunately, when kronos trying to ate Zeus, he tricked him by letting him ate the stone. That made Kronos vomit, and expel his sons back into the world. From this, kronos's sons doing a revenge to his father. And we can say that Kronos simply die. But, it is said that God will never die it just their pieces of soul was throwing away into the tartarus and his soul was broken into small pieces. That's the problem!. Kronos finally nearly find his soul back and arrange his pieces just like a puzzles hahaha. So here kronos will soon take a revenge back to his sons and to Olympus. It's funny how Rick sets the existence of Olympus up up up high above the Empire State building, NY. There's some fog that can hide those Gods thingy from ordinary human without special sight.
I think the conflict that rick made here is about The God who don't really take care of his/her sons and just let them live in their own live struggling with monsters and if their lucky at least the God will only see them once so those halfblood is about in the middle between hating Olympus or support the Olympus. And Percy is our hero! Yeaaaaaa! Helped by his friend Annabeth Chase (daughter of Athena) and a satir named Grover, Percy will saved the world from the revenge of Kronos. You guys should read this and fell in love with Percy hahaha.

RECENTLY! Rick Riordan just released his new book The Son Of Neptune #2 series

OMG OMG i really really want this book! Y u no in Indonesia sih? The Son of Neptune it self is the second book of the lost hero series. It's a bit different with Percy, just a bittttt, So Rick has made 2 series, Percy and the last Olympians (The lightning thief, Sea of monster, Titan's curse, Battle of the labyrinth, and The Last Olympians) And the other one is The last hero (The last hero, the son of Neptune, and other series may coming soon)
Naaaaah, The last Hero itself told about Jason huhuhu why no Percy again... He's also a halfblood and we'll see him of course at the halfblood camp. And stupidly i just haven't read the first book yet -,- Not yet in Indonesia! hzhzhzh. But if i am not mistaken there'll also Percy in The last hero series even just in a few moment.

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