Kamis, 07 April 2011

this is what actually i feel inside

Well so here i'd like to say that. social networks wont help in anything ha ha! why?

first. i advice you not to open it when you feeling blue, when actually you needa mood booster. that what actually happened on me, those are mood destroyer!

second. if you trying to find any attention from social networks those are fake! no one actually truly honestly care on you. you dont know what they're doing actually. suckkkkkkkkkkkkk! it makes me remember in a random thought 'social networks, closer those further, and further those already closer' hahahaha lame!

and stupidly, i have no one to tell everything, i have no one to tell my sadness!!!!!!!!!!!! i just here stuck in the corner of my room watching my laptop, the mozilla mozilla scrolling update something that happening out there, and my eyes is tearing honestly. no, not so much. but wet enough to represent my feelings.

so here i am as the3rd speaker, want to conclude what actually going on in this post, ha ha ha ha ha SKIP. So here............. i just feel that no one trullycare of me, and YES!! what i just tweeted is to attract some attentions, for i am somenone who being remembered by one two three five people but forgotten by thousands!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WORDS ARE NEVER ENOUGH SUMPAH AKU NANGIS dan sakit.

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