Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

British Parlementary

Well well well as usual taking an extra-kulikuler named esdc after the school time end up. Me, Temi and Riska decide to having a lunch at bakso ujang :3 i can say that bakso ujang is really really awesome! taste good and also really friendly with my pocket. And thanks God we're full. Then we went back to school. And usual, that's smaven is. We just leave it only for errrrr 30 minutes i think. And guess what? the school was very quite. People were going home right after the bell rang. hhhhhhhhhhh just like temi used to said "There's no sign of a living here~~ hello it's like they have something WOW and AMAZING at their house and that's make them really want to go home fastly! lol" And then, as a good moslem we also have to have a zuhur pray. 
And finally, the extra nervousing time started. And Miss SMS that's we used to call her, our beloped coach haha. The aura suddenly changed into darkness hahahaha. Miss also brought her friend, if am not mistaken he's one of UGM debater, we call him Bryan -_-
The darkest part started when they decide to have a british debate. Oh gosh! Dont even british, just in our usual debate honetly i hardly open my mind to find those jhdjhfuhurhouagfuowgbouagbfoi arguments background and friends -_-
And the motion come out "English language acausition should be an educational priority in Malaysia" EHHHHH??? Malaysia? Why should Malaysia? -________-- and i got the affermative team as open govermenment and mine as the second speaker. Oh i was in group with Sabilal who are going to have a british parlemantary competition next month. Goodluck eh -_- 
aaaaa and as usual my mind was usually hardly to open. My arguments was just too hsfjhaheufhubvuwbeugu9wegbubvuwbviwbv8wehf8whefihw odd ehe. OVER AGAIN, we fight the senior one + the master one, Mr Bryan -_- Oh gosh. I was just like a super micro mini ant among them. 
I didn't even accept his POA -_- how ashame..............
And their rebuttals were just tooo ahhhhhhhhh too painful hahahahah they can tackle our argument easily. i could make sure that we were the loser haha
Ok let's say that the debate was over. And surprisingly we got the second rank from 4 groups. Too unbelievable honestly. Our mechanism was really unconsistent, Miss said that it was just like a wave way -_- oh too bad for the second rank. That's it hopefully i can improve my ability soon! :-)

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