Sabtu, 30 Juli 2011

Only you, yes only you

Only you yes only you mr bloggy i can tell everything to, i can share my happiness &  my sadness, what i've just done in the last time, and sometimes there is something i only able to express it completely by writing. Well i am not a typical of person who can fluently show what i am going to say, no idea why, it just when i am going to express something from word by word directly it used to end up being a mess sentence. It's like taking another further way to reach some place otherwise there's a much simple way. It's not a rare thing that sometimes when i was explaining something, story about bla bla, sharing, and many others, people get a bit confused in catching what i just said and often asking me to repeat it again. Omg omg poor i am.
I think i better be a listener than a speaker or a teller. And i much prefer in listening to be someone that should deliver any conversation, i can hardly comes up with a new topic to be talking with. So don't get bored if i just keep silence, keep hearing you are talking, laughing, or at least if i only able to reply or responding your story with the ordinary responses.
One of my favorite moment while hearing people talking to me is seeing their eyes. hahaha don't know why, but i think from eyes, we could read we could predict, feel and hear more than what mouth already said. If sometimes i seem like not hearing what you are talking about, i dont mean it!
Well so ladies and gentlemen before this posting is going somewhere nowhere further, lets end up our story. Thank you, mr bloggy! Also dont get bored if i keep writing on your page.

Sincerely yours,
Your admin, btari :-)

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